See it.

It’s seriously a riot…

See It.

“You’re drunk off the perfection of that day you met.”

I’m paraphrasing, but you get it.
It was so worth the 35 year wait for the continuation of this epic story.

See It.

I miss the 90′s.
Like so much…
This flick is awesome!!
And made us laugh out loud a bunch of times.
I have such a girl crush on Jenny Slate.

See It.

I saw Long Time Running last night.
It was better than excellent.
And so heartbreaking to actually see this tour close up.

The Drive-in.



Geez. How long has it been? 15? 20 years? At least. The Canview Drive-in in Thorold hasn’t changed in decades. It’s why people love it so much. The snack bar of classic junk food, the cars pulling in looking for the best spot, families and couples snuggling under blankets, the feeling of a perfect, warm summer night and of course, the dancing hot dog at intermission.

The first feature we saw was a total “don’t bother” but the second, Logan Lucky, was awesome. Soderbergh at his best bringing together a bunch of misfits for a robbery. You can Channing my Tatum anytime ;-)


As usual, there’s so much, sooooo very much I would kill to see at Tiff.

See it.

The test of loneliness.
The test of purpose.
And the test of cooperation.

It is such a must see documentary. This family is truly extraordinary.