Halloween 2017.

I had 124 trick or treaters, people. 124!!! This one was Ben Halloween 2017definitely the cutest.

Lyrical Wednesdays.

I love you so much, it distorts my life.

What Blue, The Tragically Hip

See It.

I saw Long Time Running last night.
It was better than excellent.
And so heartbreaking to actually see this tour close up.

Lyrical Wednesdays.

Okay, you made me scared, you did what you set out to do
And I’m not prepared, you really had me going there for a minute or two
He said, you made me scared too, I wasn’t sure I was getting through
I got to go, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you

Scared, The Tragically Hip

There are some songs you hear for the very first time and instantly love. That happened to me back in ’94 in a university residence room in Sudbury, Ontario and I still to this day remember how that felt.

Good night, Gordie. We are all better having known you…

Ben is 3 1/2.

Ben Aug. 2017

I feel like I haven’t posted a picture of Bentley in ages. Well, I feel like that because it’s true. I rarely snap his picture because when we’re together, I’m trying to be in the moment. It feels so good and so right.

Summer 2017 was fun and it flew by so quickly. We did so many things together. We walked everywhere, we had simple picnics in the backyard, we went to our favourite variety store for watermelon freezies, we played in the park, we visited our local Shoppers Drugmart and chatted with the friendly cashier ladies A LOT and most of all, we just enjoyed each other’s company.



Quotable Quotes.

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