Lyrical Wednesdays.

I’m trying so hard to make a new start
But when I wake up I don’t get very far.

Lost Cause, Hannah Georgas

I met Hannah Georgas a few weeks ago. It was amazing. I greeted her with this,”…from one lost cause to another…” She closed her eyes and extended her hand. I’ll never forget it.

The All England Club.

Roger breezed through the semis today to reach his 11th Wimbledon final.
Words can’t describe how excited I am…
2 more sleeps.


Lyrical Wednesdays.

Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
Let me kick it like it’s 1986, now
Might be over now, but I feel it still

Feel it Still, Portugal. The Man

Just try and keep still listening to this one, folks….


Lyrical Wednesdays.

If you’re for sure
And if I’m strong enough
If you wait long enough

Love Again, Hedley

Who remembers Jacob Hoggard from Canadian Idol? So many moons ago…
His moody, sexy vibes still rock my world.