Quotable Quotes.


Lyrical Wednesdays.

Day by day I’m feeling stronger
Day by day I’m lasting longer
Day by day you help me make my way

Day By Day, Doug & the Slugs

Quotable Quotes.

Try and find the balance between effort and ease.

Vivienne, MYSC – Moksha Yoga St. Catharines

The Diner House 29.



The Diner House 29 is way more than a diner. Waaaaay more. It’s an experience. The retro decor is so cool. The collection of Pyrex dishware is priceless. And the food is outstanding. The place was packed mid morning and it’s only Tuesday! Because I’m doing things I never do lately, I didn’t order my usual. I opted for the Iron Rice Bowl. It did not disappoint, folks. I cannot wait to go back…


oct-2016Every year, for the past 5 years, I’ve remembered the anniversary of my blog.
This year, not the case.
It came and went.
And weeks went by.
And it never crossed my mind.
Am I getting older?
Am I getting less focused?
Am I getting more forgetful?
Am I getting tired?
To all of the above.

But you know what?
It’s ok.
It’s really, really ok.

Thanks for reading.
For 6 glorious years.

Lyrical Wednesdays.

He brings us peace, He brings us joy
He brings all faults to destroy, only at Christmas time

Only at Christmas Time, Sufjan Stevens

Freshii Fridays.



For the past couple of months, I’ve been going to Freshii¬†every Friday night. It’s my way of unwinding at the end of the week and I really love this ritual I’ve created for myself. Freshii is a huge chain that started in Toronto and now has over 300 restaurants across 85+ cities in 20 countries and we finally got one in downtown St. Catharines! I couldn’t be more thrilled. They make healthy and affordable vegetarian and eco-friendly foods that you can take on the go.

Wanna know their mantra?

Let’s eat without regret.
Let’s love kale.
Let’s embrace quinoa.
Let’s try new things.
Let’s try unlikely combos.
Let’s eat things that are good.
Let’s eat things that make us feel good.
Let’s eat and sit.
Let’s be good to the Earth.
Let’s let the Earth be good to us.
Let’s Eat. Energize.

Everything about it makes me happy.